Humanities Resource List

The Internet is teeming with scholarly information about the humanities but we’re bringing the best to you in this easy directory. From traditional layouts to the more experimental sites, we’ve collected the top 36 resources and guides. From fine arts to political science, follow these excellent resources and their links to a fantastic array of information.


  • Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS):  Created to preserve and promote electronic resources which result from teaching arts and humanities, the collections made by ADHS are free, organized, and accessible.
  • EDSITEment: Get excited about EDSITEment, a virtual treasure trove for anyone searching for art and culture, literature and language arts, foreign language, history and social studies.  This site contains resources as well as lesson plans for teachers in this subject area.  
  •  This e-publishing co-op gathers hundreds of writers and artists around the globe to provide you with free archives on the humanities and arts, with  diverse topics ranging from architecture to sexuality to multimedia and design. 
  • Intute for Humanities: A worldwide search engine for multiple academic disciplines, Intute will direct you to extensive online resources.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: A dynamic search engine for resources and articles, Voice of the Shuttle has links to a multitude of sites for the humanities.


  • Absolute Arts: : Research art and see what is buyable or collectable at Absolute Arts, a database of over 30,000 contemporary visual artists, galleries, and art news.
  • Art+Culture:: For those who want instant access to artists and art lovers around the world, this database instantly gratifies.  Connect, learn, and discover the art world from design to performing arts.  
  • Artbank Old Master: A self-named “great multimedia Encyclopedia of Art”, Artbank is is an artist records and bibliography database for artists from the 10th to the 18th century.  
  • Axis Web:: Where artists write about artists, Axis has an expanding directory complete with images, audio, and video profiles of today’s top artists and art movements.  Axis also features a dialogue page full of interviews, essays and articles by leading and emerging writers for fine arts.  
  • New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA): Looking for a job, a school, a grant, a magazine to read, sell, or promote your artwork? The New York Foundation is a fantastic directory for the artist out in the world.  
  • World Artist Directory: Read the daily spotlights on artists and browse for accomplished artists around the world in this great community of arts. 


  • Based upon the Herman Melville classic Bartleby, the Scrivener, publishes free classics of literature, non-fiction, and reference.
  • Bibliomania:  Don’t let Bibliomania’s bright home page fool you – this is an exceptional research site for classic and contemporary literature, articles, and recommended reads.  
  • Calls for Papers:: An open shareware directory, Calls for Papers has hundreds of current articles about contemporary issues in literature, cinema, classics, and more.  
  • Luminarium: A great starting point for students and English literary enthusiasts, Luminarium is a great source and directory of English literature from the Medieval period to the Restoration.
  • Oxford Literary Review: Based on Britain’s longest-running journal of literary theory, Oxford Literary Review Online is concerned with innovative contemporary thinking and criticism of old and new works.   


  • The American Political Science Association (APSA) Publications: Considered “one of the leading professional organizations in the study of political science”, APSA offers a wide range of scholarly journal publications.
  • International Crisis Group:  Politically activist and aware, International Crisis Group is teeming with current news and issues concerning politics around the globe.  
  • National Political Index:  A “one stop” starting point for United States political science questions, departments, and more.  
  • Political Resources on the Net: With the fun, colorful interactive map, Political Resources on the Net organizes political sites from the continent to specific countries and states. 
  • Vanderbilt University Political Science: An excellent archive of web resources on the entire political science spectrum, Vanderbilt University’s page has links to political issues concerning world religions, international relations, and international organizations as well. 


  • The American Folklife Center: Search the collection of archives of over three million photographs, recordings, and moving images of traditional culture around the world.  
  • Anthro.Net Research Engine: From general inquiries into anthropology to an advanced search engine for top websites and works of literature, will answer all your questions on anthropology.  
  • Anthropologie.Net: This general search engine has arranged dozens of helpful links alphabetically and by category to anthropological and archaeological web resources.  
  • Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (CSAS) Ethnographics Gallery
    :  Containing research, resources, and teaching materials from the University of Kent at Canterbury, CSAS’s Ethnographics Gallery offers multiple online publications and articles for public perusal.  
  • Public Anthropology:  Dedicated to public service and awareness in nontraditional, less academic forms, Public Anthropology is an alternative and engaging site that includes articles and a personal blog.  
  • Border Crossings: Based on postmodern findings of cultural/border clashes of gender, sexuality, nationality and more, Border Crossings is a hip and excellent collection of contemporary articles about all things “culture”.  
  • Culture Machine: An open-access journal founded in 1999, Cultural Machine is open-ended, peer-reviewed, experimental, and perfect for the postmodern cultural studies academic.  
  • Cultural Studies Central:  With its original interactive commentary, international voices, and links to the top cultural studies resources, Cultural Studies Central is an older but still tremendously useful site for web and e-book articles.
  • Native Web: For information and resources on worldwide indigenous civilizations, use Native Web’s excellent indexes.  
  • Other Voices: An e-journal of cultural criticism published at the University of Pennsylvania, Other Voices is dedicated to publishing innovative and provocative essays, discourses, lectures and reviews.  


  • Encyclopedia of Religion and Society: Covering topics from the bestselling research book, the online edition of Encyclopedia of Religion and Society contains alphabetized articles from Amish to Zoroastrianism.  
  • Finding God in Cyberspace: This guide, written by John L. Gresham, MLS PhD, is a virtual plethora and guide to religious studies resources on the internet.  
  • The Journal of Southern Religion: Browse the archives of the first scholarly journal devoted to the study of religions in the American South.  
  • Religious Worlds: A categorized site of religious studies from traditions that developed in the Middle East, West Asia, and South and East Asia, Religious Worlds also addresses issues such as Religion and Modernity and Religion and Cyberspace.  
  • Wabash Center: Browse the annotated subject headings of this diverse and selective electronic resource for teaching and learning

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