Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating creatures ever to have lived.  Their tremendous size and variety is astonishing, but even more amazing is the fact that 65 million years ago, they disappeared all at once. 

Here are some lists of fun dinosaur websites and activities, as well as descriptions of some of the strangest creatures ever to walk the earth.

Craziest Dinosaurs Ever!

  • Aegrotocatellus Jaggeri : This species of dinosaur is literally named after Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. It also means “sick puppy” in Latin!
  • Amargasaurus: A four-legged, long necked herbivore similar to Apatosaurus, Amargasaurus strangely had a row of spines traveling down its neck and across its back, which could become incased in skin to form a gigantic sail.  This could help it stay cool or scare off predators.
  • Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis : If you thought the T-Rex was scary, this guy is even more of a nightmare.  Living in a society that consisted mostly of other carnivores, this guy was the predator at the top.  Each tooth in its enormous mouth was larger than a banana, and it used them often.
  • Carnotaurus : Its arms are so small, they’re almost non-existent, making the T-Rex look like an Olympic swimmer by comparison.
  • Gastonia: With its entire body covered in large spikes and armored plates, Gastonia was well protected from the other dinosaurs of its time.  It itself, however, was an herbivore.
  • Gigantopithicus: King Kong may not have been real, but Gigantopithicus is about as close as you’ll get.  This early ancestor of apes could be as tall as 10 feet and weigh as much as 1000 pounds, though fortunately, they were long extinct before the Empire State Building was built.
  • Magyarosaurus: This “dwarf” dinosaur was similar in feature to the Apatosaurus, but was only about as big as a horse.  However, recent findings have confirmed that this dinosaur was indeed fully grown.
  • Mamenchisaurus : Similar to an Apatosaurus, Mamenchisaurus is a long necked, four-legged herbivore.  The key difference is that Mamenchisaurus’s neck was longer than the entire rest of its body, being over 45 feet long.  This remarkably long neck contained 19 vertebrae, more than any other known dinosaur.
  • Spinosaurus: The largest of the known carnivores, Spinosaurus got its name from the enormous spines extending out of its back.  These spines could grow to be over 5 ½ feet long, serving as both a warning to others and a tool to help it balance when standing upright.
  • Utahraptor: Remember those raptors from Jurassic Park? Well, make them 60 times bigger and you’ve got yourself some Utahraptors, weighing in at up to a ton. These dinosaurs used a massive hooked claw to take down predators much larger than themselves. The hook claw was so big that they had to use their long, bony tails as balancing poles when they attacked.
  • Sauroposeidon : The largest dinosaur currently known, this fellow weighed in at an impressive 60 tons.  Some of the fossilized vertebrae that have been discovered are themselves over four feet long.

Great Dinosaur Websites for Kids

  • DinoBuzz: Up-to-date information on new discoveries into the world of dinosaurs.
  • DinoDictionary: This site has a ton of information on over 300 different types of dinosaurs.
  • Dinosauer: Plenty of games, cartoons, and memory tools to help kids learn.
  • Dinosaur Floor: This site offers information into the many different theories as to why the dinosaurs went extinct.
  • Dinosaurs for Kids: Although this site doesn’t have quite as much information as others, its layout makes it easy to navigate and great for kids.
  • FactMonster: News on recent discoveries, including a gigantic sea crocodile that has been nicknamed Godzilla.
  • KidsDinos: With a database containing information on over 100 different types of dinosaurs, plus some cool games, this site offers plenty of entertainment for kids. 
  • Kids Turn Central: Plenty of games and art, plus a ton of links to other great sites about dinosaurs.
  • Primarygames: In addition to some fun dinosaur-themed games, this site has a new dinosaur fact every day, coloring pages, and more.
  • What Is a Dinosaur: This simple, easy-to-navigate page has a detailed summary of the entire history of dinosaurs, with illustrations to help your understanding.

Famous Pop Culture Dinosaurs

  • Barney: Always upbeat and singing, this lovable dinosaur has been entertaining young children on TV for almost 20 years.
  • Dino: The energetic pet of the Flintstones exhibits many of the behaviors of modern day dogs, licking faces and barking when angered.
  • Dopey: From the original Land of the Lost TV series, Dopey is befriended by the protagonists, and survives a T-Rex attack before eventually being reunited with its family.
  • Godzilla:The original Japanese monster first debuted in 1954.  Since then, the film has been remade several times, and Godzilla has appeared in several other movies and shows, often battling other giant monsters.
  • Gronk:: This BC comics character could always be counted on for a good punchline, although the only thing it ever said was “gronk”.
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: The 3rd movie in the series involved the main characters discovering a lost world of dinosaurs hidden beneath the ice.
  • Jurassic Park:: Scientific methods of bringing dinosaurs to life sounded exciting.  However, in this movie series, everything that could go wrong, did.
  • Little Foot: Littlefoot is one of the main protagonists in The Land Before Time and it’s sequels.
  • Rex: In contrast to the tyrannosaurus that he is named after, this Toy Story character is timid and suffers from an inferiority complex.  However, he is always trying to develop his roar so that he can be as intimidating as other dinosaurs.
  • Yoshi: Mario’s accomplice in several games, this green guy has starred in dozens of games, from the original Yoshi’s Island to being a character in the Super Smash Bros games.

Dinosaur Games & Activities

  • DinoFun: This fun site has dozens of classic arcade games, from tetris to frogger to Sudoku, but all dinosaur -themed.
  • DinoMight: Different themed games for different time periods and different types of dinosaurs.
  • DinoRun:Simple in concept, but more difficult than it first appears.
  • Dinosaur Playground: A collection of several games, plus funny jokes and other fun activities.
  • FreeOnlineGames A collection of some of the most popular and most liked dinosaur-themed games
  • Funschool :Several games, quizzes, and other activities can keep you interested for a hours.
  • Gamequarium: With plenty of fun games as well as trivia and quizzes, this site is educational and fun.
  • Robot Dinosaurs: What’s the only way to make dinosaurs cooler?  Why make them robots of course.
  • Surfnetkids: Great dinosaur games made especially for kids.
  • XYGames:Dozens of awesome dinosaur-themed games, great for everyone.

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