Chemistry Teaching Resources

Chemistry is a discipline within science dealing with the composition and structure of chemical reactions of the property of matter. Chemistry is such an important field of study that ancient Egyptians were using wet chemistry over 4,000 years ago. Chemistry is taught as early as middle school up to college level. The method of teaching varies due to the level of education one has. Teachers must use different techniques and resources to keep students interested and involved. Updating resources brings fresh ideas to the classroom and strengthens the class’s knowledge as a whole.

History of Chemistry

Courses and Curriculum Material

  • Chemical Education: Berkeley University focuses on encouraging learning and the instruction of chemistry.
  • Chemistry 12: Lots of materials for teaching high school chemistry.
  • Science Curriculum: A Chemistry lesson for 6th -8th graders promoting the discovery of cohesion, adhesion and surface tension.

Demonstrations and Experiments

  • Home Experiments: Fun experiments than can be done at home.
  • Matter and Mixtures: Watch a beaker filled with clear liquid change colors with just a shake.
  • Lab Experiment: Detailed instructions on performing an experiment on preparation, construction of a high temperature superconductor.
  • Acid Base Chemistry: Instructions for an Acid Based experiment.

Graphics and Visualizations

Periodic Tables

Safety and Environment

Textbooks and Publishers

  • Chem1: A virtual textbook for general Chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry: Organic chemistry virtual textbooks in alphabetical order.
  • Publishers: A list of chemistry textbook publishers with contact information.


Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

  • Mail Lists: A list of 44 different disciplines of chemistry mailing lists.

Chemistry Journals

Curiosities Related to Chemistry

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