Special Education Teacher Resource List

According to the National Education Association, the number of school age children with diagnosed disabilities has risen approximately 30 percent over the last 10 years, with 3 of 4 special needs students spending at least part of their day in a regular classroom. Special Education teachers are being constantly challenged to find new teaching techniques and activities that address students’ individual needs and encourage them to interact with others. This resource will introduce you to resources on general special education, teaching children with Autism and Down Syndrome, inclusion and helpful technology for the classroom.


  • AAIDD: The American Association on Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, founded in 1876, promotes research, progressive policies, and universal human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • About.com Special Education: The About.com Special Education site provides a number of articles and resources on all aspects of special education, including inclusion, classroom management, teaching strategies, and more.
  • Family Village: Family Village is a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities and their teachers and caregivers. The site includes information and links to other resources on all aspects of living with a disability.
  • Kinderart: Kinderart offers information on how educators can incorporate art projects into their lesson plans. The site presents detailed art projects as well as links to other resources for special education teachers.
  • LD Online: LD Online is a comprehensive site offering a variety of resources for special education teachers.
  • Students with Intellectual Disabilities, A Resource Guide for Teachers: This guide, presented by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, provides resources for teachers on teaching and understanding children with intellectual disabilities.

Instructions & Set Up


  • Autism Research Institute: Autism Research Institute is a worldwide network of professionals and parents concerned with Autism. The site offers resources for families, educators and caregivers.
  • Autism Society: Autism Society is the leading grassroots Autism organization. The organization promotes education, research and awareness for people with Autism.
  • Oasis@MAAP: This site provides information, training and resources for individuals, families and professionals concerned with autism.
  • Positively Autism: Positively Autism is a free e-magazine for teachers, parents and individuals with Autism. The magazine celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of people with autism, as well as positive media reports, success stories and more.
  • Tin Snips: Tin Snips is a resource offering techniques, ideas, activities and worksheets for teachers of students on the Autism spectrum.

Down Syndrome

  • Down Syndrome NSW: This website, of the Down Syndrome Association of New South Wales Australia, presents a number of resources on Autism for educators.
  • Down’s Syndrome Association: The Down’s Syndrome Association of the UK presents publications and resources for educators, including computer aided learning, lesson plans, inclusion strategies and more.
  • DownSyndrome.com: This site offers support and interaction to parents, teachers and caregivers of people with Down Syndrome.
  • National Down Syndrome Society: The National Down Syndrome Society is the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome. The site presents information on all aspects of living with, teaching and caring for people with Down Syndrome.
  • Up For Reading: Up For Reading present exercises and teaching techniques to help educators teach reading to Autistic students.


  • EENET: Enabling Education Network offers a variety of resources on inclusion for students with disabilities. The site includes articles, links to resources, and strategies for educators.
  • Including Samuel: Including Samuel is a project of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire, that seeks to build more inclusive schools and communities. The organization offers curriculum, training and outreach on inclusion.
  • Inclusive Communities: Inclusive Communities, presented by PBS, provides resources on how to improve the quality of life for people with mental and physical disabilities by encouraging inclusion and respect for differences.
  • Institute on Community Integration: The Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota works to improve policies and practices to ensure that all people with disabilities are valued as contributing members of society.
  • National Inclusion Project: The National Inclusion Project seeks to bridge the gap between disabled young people and the world around them by partnering with inclusion projects and bringing awareness to the benefits of inclusion.
  • Paula Kluth: Paula Kluth presents ways to include children with disabilities through positive collaboration with school districts and communities.

Helpful Technology for the Classroom

  • CAST: CAST is a nonprofit organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities. The site includes information, resources, and lesson plan and curriculum generators for special education teachers.
  • DO-IT: Disabilities, Opportunities, Inter-networking, and Technology promotes the use of computer networking technologies for people with disabilities.
  • Family Village: Family Village is a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities and their teachers and caregivers. The site includes information and links to other resources on all aspects of living with a disability.
  • Teachers Helping Teachers, Special Education: This page presents activities for special education classrooms, written by teachers for teachers.
  • Teach-nology: Teachnology offers resources for teachers, both special education and mainstream. The site allows teachers to generate their own worksheets, lesson plans and more.

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