SMART Board Resources

SMART boards are a type of interactive whiteboard. They are great for making classrooms more interactive. SMART boards combine a white board and either an LCD or front projector, with interactive software and devices like’s ˜Slate’s or specialized remotes. This creates an interactive experience for teacher and students alike. SMART boards can also make use of a document camera, which is a very advanced device similar to an overhead projector. Because SMART boards are so extensible, and do not require any specific accessories be used they are a dynamic way to introduce interactivity to lessons. The following are SMART board resources.

Software Downloads

SMART Boards are very extensible, and a lot of software exists for SMART boards. The following are some resources for SMART board downloads.

Instructions & Set Up

Training Resources

There are a number of ways to utilize SMART boards, and different approaches to using them in the classroom. Professionals have the ability to incorporate a combined approach; as well as to take advantage of the numerous accessories SMART boards can work with. The following are resources for professional development training on utilizing SMART boards.


SMART board software can accept templates. These usually targeted at a specific task, but can be incorporated into lesson plans.


Many teaching professionals have developed lesson plans for SMART boards. These can be incorporated into classes as a whole, or used when developing original lesson plans. The following are resources with lesson plans, or collections of lesson plans, for use with SMART boards.

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