Physics Resources for Students

Behind practically every natural phenomenon and modern technology, you will find an explanation relating to physics. Whether you are a physics student or just fascinated by this field of science, you will find a helpful resource here. Sites explaining basic concepts as well as project ideas will help educate you. When you need a break, click on some of our fun physics sites to play games or read jokes.

Physics Concepts

  • AP Physics Equations: This PDF file is a great resource for those needing access to physics formulas. Equations are posted under topics of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, thermal physics, and more.
  • Basic Concepts in Quantum Information Theory: Here you will find an in-depth explanation of the basic components of quantum physics. The paper talks about teleportation, entanglement, resources, and an interpretation of the theory.
  • Basic Physics Concepts: This page offers a fundamental breakdown of physics, including a “what is” section, discoveries, and history information. Each section provides links to other articles written on more specific topics.
  • Basic Physics: Some Concepts for Geodesy: This Australian university hosts a 10-page PDF file exploring rudimentary physic theories. Fun diagrams and formulas accompany each idea.
  • HyperPhysics Concepts: The department of physics and astronomy at Georgia State University hosts a fun interactive site exploring physics concepts. Great for visual learners, each concept can be clicked on for a description, and lots of diagrams are available explaining the relationships between concepts.

Fun Physics Websites

  • 50 Fun Things to do to Annoy Your Physics Professor: Want to get under your teacher’s skin or make them laugh? Try out any of these ideas to lighten the mood.
  • Amusement Park Physics: Ever wondered about the physics that come into play when you’re flying down the track on a hair-raising roller coaster ride? This site tells you just that.
  • Basic Physics Savvy Quiz: Test your physics knowledge with this fun quiz! Answer 40 questions on a number of topics to get your score.
  • Multimedia Physics Studio: Several physics ideas are explained here, with links pointing to a fun illustrative clip as well as a description in a real-life circumstance. Newton’s laws, projectiles, energy, and momentum are all covered.
  • This site provides tons of fun physics games to play online. Don’t be surprised if your homework is neglected after you start playing!
  • Physics and Astronomy Fun: Need a break from your studies? Check out these physics jokes and cartoons.
  • Here you will find even more interactive computer games to keep you busy!
  • The Atoms Family: This funky themed site explores atoms and different physics concepts in a spooky way. Visit the Mummy’s Tomb, Dracula’s Library, or the Ghostly Graveyard to expand your physics knowledge.

Science Projects

  • Iolani School Physics Projects: This site provides experiment results that physic students at Iolani School have done. Each project title links to a photo of the students and the experiment, data, conclusions, and project summary.
  • Little Shop of Physics: Colorado State University’s science outreach program offers a few experiment ideas here. Browse options via experiments using household items, on the computer, or with a shockwave plugin.
  • Measuring the Swing of a Pendulum: This project idea is for highly advanced physics students, as the language is a bit complicated. If you wish to recreate this trial, the setup and items used are provided for your use.
  • Physics Experiments That You Can Do at Home: University of Wisconsin professors posted a 22-page PDF file of physics experiments that can be done at home. Projects are divided into motion, heat, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.
  • Physics Projects: Brought to you by AP Physics teacher Dolores Gende, this site provides several ideas for projects to be conducted either in a classroom or by yourself at home. Some of the projects even come with photos from her students that have done them previously.
  • Science Fair Adventure: If you’re looking for science experiments to try, this site is a great resource. Each project comes with step-by-step directions, supplies needed, and additional notes.
  • Science’s 10 Most Beautiful Physics Experiments: Renowned physicists selected their favorite physics experiments of all time. The results are posted on this site, along with fun animations and a description of each.

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