Library and Information Science Jobs Boards

There are many jobs for librarians and information specialists both at home and abroad, but finding them is not always easy. Use this resource guide to access some of the most useful job boards for library and information science positions. Want to work abroad? The categories are broken down by geographic region in order to increase the efficiency of your search. Maybe soon you’ll find yourself as a special collections manager in northern Scotland, a database manager in Singapore, or a school librarian in Quebec. The options are endless in the world of information!

North America

  • Association of Research Libraries provides a plethora of job postings around the United States. Positions may include director of special collections, head of cataloging and metadata, and life sciences librarian.
  • Canadian Library Association hosts a number of job vacancies through Canada’s provinces, such as public services librarian, teen librarian, membership and reference services, and outreach and community services.
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services, an organization dedicated to providing quality library and museum services to the public, maintains a job board for job openings at the organization.
  • Library and Information Technology Associationprovides a comprehensive list of job openings in the United States. Job postings are sorted into region to increase the effectiveness of your search.
  • LIBGIG, a networking site for information specialist professionals, hosts a job board with positions around the United States.
  • Libjobs, a site that provides information about working in K-12, corporate, public, and academic libraries, enlists a user-friendly tool to help job-seekers search for library jobs around the United States.
  • Pacific Northwest Library Associationhosts a comprehensive list of librarian positions in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Washington.
  • Special Libraries Associationis a nonprofit organization that provides information, networking opportunities, and information about employment opportunities around the United States.
  • The American Society for Information Science and Technologyprovides a plethora of job opportunities on their job board. Check out positions such as corporate taxonomist, science and engineering data librarian, and informatics infrastructure manager.
  • The American Theological Library Association and the Society for Biblical Literature have partnered to develop a comprehensive job board for positions at theological organizations. 


  • British and Irish Association of Law Librarians is a professional organization for information specialists working in legal settings throughout the UK. Check out their job board to view descriptions of open positions in various legal settings.
  • Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionalsis a professional organization for librarians and information scientists. Check out their job board for listing of open positions around the UK.
  • Glen Recruitment provides a list of job vacancies, primarily in London. Search by salary for some exciting jobs in the UK!
  • Job is Job provides a number of job postings around the UK, including positions such as special collections librarian, configuration librarian, and school librarian.
  • Jobs in Information (JINFO) has compiled a list of job openings in fields relating to information science.
  • Librarianship Jobs, a job board hosted by, provides information specialists with a variety of job openings around the UK. Jobs may include data analyst, archivist and records manager, and lecturer in information and library studies.
  •, a source of information and news about library services in Ireland, provides a list of current job openings on the island.
  • Sue Hill Recruitment offers a detailed search engine for professionals seeking employment in the UK. Vacancies may include positions such as statistician, research executive, archivist, librarian, and records manager. 
  • The Information People host a detailed search engine for professionals looking for employment in the UK, specifically London.
  • Weeks and Gray, a recruitment agency for information science professionals, provides a list of job vacancies throughout the UK. Some areas they recruit for include research, information security, library management, and corporate governance.



  • Babu Jobsprovides information about vacancies in India. Positions may include deputy registrar, deputy librarian, and assistant manager of publications.
  • Hong Kong Public Librariesposts information about job vacancies on their homepage for those interested in pursuing employment in the country.
  • Job is Job hosts a webpage for job opportunities in places such as New Delhi. Positions are posted by organization such as Centner Institute of Management and Communication, HT Limited, and Dronacharya College of Engineering.

Additional Resources

  • Job Portal is a search engine that compiles library jobs from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Check out jobs such as reference librarian, acquisition librarian, and government librarian.
  • Library Journal provides information about job openings not only in the United States, but in other countries as well.
  • United Nations Human Resources posts jobs for professionals interested in serving with their organization. Search under subtopics such as Information System and Technology, Legal Affairs, and Human Rights.

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