50 Best Philosophy Podcasts

When it comes to determining how we live our lives, there are a number of influences we can choose from. Some, like our parents and environments, are chosen for us. But we can pick our friends, classes, meals, entertainment, and more; so many ingredients that determine our philosophy are in our control. We wish to empower you with yet another tool at your disposal — the philosophy podcast. Injecting a bit of aural understanding on how lives are lived might alter yours for the better. Click around, and subscribe to your favorite.

The Top Five

  1. Streetwise Pundit. If, according to this site’s headline, “philosophy is the resistance of the soul to disorder,” then Streetwise Pundit ought to be a prime source for your surrendering to that resistance. The blog and podcast, based out of the Windy City, specialize in providing news of philosophical relevance that’s of importance both to the Chicago community and to America and the Web at large. The podcasts are regular and chock-full of fun info, like this one: What’s Killing America?
  2. Bad Philosophy. We aren’t ones to label anyone’s chosen path of getting through this existence as good or bad; we leave that up to witty and cheeky blogs such as this one here. The writers, “a bunch of bored college students,” “hope to shape the perception of all mankind toward a brighter future, free from the clutches of ignorance, apathy, and… aw, screw it.” A delight. Listen to A Minor Detail.
  3. The Philosophy Guy Show. “A little lovely thinker, but a bugger when he’s pissed,” this site brings a refreshingly authentic and personable perspective to the sometimes stuffy and hoity-toity world of considering human life. The Guy of the title brings his trademark grit and reality to a variety of topics, from everyday pop culture to special moments in the past. To get started with his podcasts, we recommend you give this one a listen: A Cold Frickin Day.
  4. Philosophy and Pop Culture. Nancy Drew and Nietzsche? The Saint Louis Cardinals and Camus? We rarely associate the humdrum trappings of any-old-thing pop culture life and the great philosophers, whose names we only saw by looking up at the highest books on the shelf at the library. Finally, David Kyle Johnson seeks to bridge the gap between the two veins, or actually to erase the idea that there was ever any distinction between them. Listen to You Have the Right to Vote, But Should You?
  5. Diet Soap. “Tough on dirt, gentle on philosophy — and now with ideology!” This washer-friendly phrase introduces one of the most enjoyable and intriguing listens available on the Web. DS is “dedicated to applying imagination and intellect to what” head blogger and podcaster David Lain thinks of as “the problem of late capitalism.” Listeners benefit from the hodge-podge yet high-quality roster of fellow chatters that pepper his podcasts with one-of-a-kind contributions. Sample The Right to the City.

The Rest of the Best

  1. Partially Examined Life. This philosophy blog provides a thorough and warm introduction to the potentially heady subject, with a funny twist.
  2. Philosophy Bites. Noted academic Nigel Warburton interviews modern philosophers with a few things to say about their take on philosophical studies.
  3. Philosophy: In Our Time. The British Broadcasting Company, perennially famed for its overwhelmingly top-notch coverage, brings their outstanding production style to the world of modern thinking.
  4. Philosophy Talk. This blog, aiming to “question everything but your intelligence,” offers great posts and solid podcasts on the topic.
  5. Phil Classics. Those looking for a hearty discussion of the great works in the philosophical realm will rejoice with this site.
  6. Learn Out Loud: Philosophy. A wealth of podcasts relating to philosophy, and diverse as all get out, can be found right here.
  7. Philosophy Podcast Directory. This site basically functions as a huge inventory of great and wide ranging philosophy-related podcasts.
  8. Podcast Directory II. If the above link just couldn’t satisfy you with the number of podcasts on offer, look here for bountiful additions to the pile.
  9. Sick and Wrong. This podcast stands as “your hearing aid into the dark, depraved, and dripping abscess that is contemporary existence.”
  10. Saint Anselm Philosophy Blog. “Ideas and opinions” from one of the nation’s foremost philosophy departments makes for a great listen.
  11. Philosophy at Bristol. Bristol University in the United Kingdom sees this podcast as an extension of their classrooms’ learning.
  12. Virtual Philosopher. A well-studied and proficient writer on philosophy dedicates this blog to chronicling the thoughts of himself and his readers.
  13. Ethics Bites. If you’re looking to “go in search of answers to the big ethical questions” that are currently important society, this is your site.
  14. The Survival Podcast. This blog site provides a “modern survival philosophy” to apply to everything from rescuing a cat to getting out of bed.
  15. Food Philosophy. There exist quite a few links between the ways in which we think and the food in which we indulge; taste more of the subject here.
  16. The Prosblogion. This blog focuses on the philosophy of religion and will be a huge favorite with anyone wondering about the idea of deity in society.
  17. Elucidations. The University of Chicago offers up a once-monthly podcast listen to those curious about how thinking takes place on campus.
  18. History of Philosophy Podcast. The super-smart “Peter Adamson hosts a podcast covering the entire history of philosophy… without any gaps!”
  19. Philosophy: The Classics. Yet another podcast blog under Nigel Warburton’s keyboard, this one concentrates on the greatest philosophy books.
  20. Rationally Speaking. This blog espouses an ” idea of what a public intellectual (yes, we know, that’s such a bad word) ought to be.”
  21. Todd Park Mohr Philosophy. A seemingly everyday average Joe provides an interesting and lively opinion on modern-day thought.
  22. Kore Philosophy. “Discussion on abortion, gun laws, ebonics, teenage pregnancy and smoking are only the beginning” of this controversy-courting site.
  23. The Philosopher’s Eye. How to employ ancient thought and feeling to improve your judgments in the 21st century? Listen here.
  24. Experience Points. This blog “takes a serious but not humorless look at the videogame world” with a serious, philosophical stance on it all.
  25. The Christian Humanist. This site basically functions to highlight an interesting combination: a devout Christian and a thoughtful thinker.
  26. Say Hello to my Little Friend. Have a laugh and learn a lot on “the blog and podcast of Glenn Peoples on philosophy, theology, politics, social issues.”
  27. Philosophy for Beginners. Still can’t tell your Heigel from your Kierkegaard? Come to this site and brush up on the basics.
  28. The Philosopher’s Zone. This podcast, based in Australia, opens up its insights to an international audience with some catchy audio.
  29. The Working Ethics Podcast Series. Philosophy and ethics aren’t just for the old; here, “people in their 20s and 30s talk about the ethics of their work.”
  30. Overthinking It. When your thoughts on philosophy start to bleed over into your music and TV interests, come here to tell about it.
  31. Morality in the Real World. For those of us who’d like a bit more thought given to how morality and the modern day combine, this is an excellent podcast.
  32. The Practical Philosopher. It’s one thing to be reading about philosophy in a book, but how do you make it real for yourself? This blog sheds some light.
  33. Spanish Teacher Oscar. If you’re in a hurry and you need your philosophy chat with a good dose of language learning, then you can’t go wrong with this site.
  34. Allan Nicholas — The Tech Teen. This tech-savvy individual doubles as a promising major thinker with his philo-focused podcasts.
  35. Liberating Thoughts. Thinking about thinking can bring about two results: either more stress and issues, or freedom from these issues. Go for the latter with this site.
  36. Existential Punk. You see these crazy kids walking down your block, but you’d never think that they’d have something profound to say about life. Until now.
  37. Microphilosophy. As “big thoughts can come in small packages,” this podcast encourages listeners to find the major in the everyday.
  38. Common Sense Atheism. Deciding your beliefs about God is a major choice and thought process; this site helps remove the extra, unnecessary pressure.
  39. Brain Science Podcast. There’s an interesting intersection between the brain, the soul, and the heart. Learn more on the former leg here.
  40. The Ethical Werewolf. A teacher of philosophy at the national University of Singapore provides crib notes for his thought processes here.
  41. Virtual Mentor — The Ethics Podcast. Bedside manner? Just one type of philosophy. Here you can explore the “challenges that medical students and physicians confront in their education and daily practice.”
  42. Business Ethics. “The magazine of corporate responsibility” provides a podcast extension to its discussion of life and logic in the money-making arena.
  43. Point of Inquiry. “Nobel Prize-winning scientists, public intellectuals, social critics and thinkers, and renowned entertainers” all contribute their thoughts here.
  44. Flash of Steel. “The best game strategy blog in my house” allows readers to see the philosophical connection between big thinkers and the game board.
  45. Godless Business. This blog runs on “exposing the ridiculous notions we have come to take for granted at the core of many societies – that is religious beliefs.”

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